My experience.

My name is Tamara Paéz, I was born in the Canary Islands in 1982. The Canary Island although belong to Spain, are very close to Africa, most likely to Morocco. In other words, Canarian people are a mixed of cultures, identities and perspectives. In some way, the fact of being born there has affected me the way I see business and projects. You really need to know a little of everything if you want to reduce the number of mistakes you will do in your entrepreneurship life. And trust me, there is no way of eliminate them, just reduce them, it is possible.


My passions.

Since I remember I wanted to leave my Island and travel the world. I was raised in a very independent family, that why it was not difficult for me to leave to Amsterdam at the age of 23. As time goes by, on my late twenties I started to became more balance on my relationship to friends and families. Where I cared about them, I would check on them frequently but I would not become the solution to their problems. Since I frequently took away their empowerment through helping them even without asking me. Family and Friends are a very important pillar in my life.


My Events

You can find pictures and videos about my workshops and speeches. If you are willing to invite me to any speech please contact me for further details.


Here you are a few of my main projects ( in process a few more ones that would be published soon).

My Book

Happy Clients

He sido inspirada por Tamara Paez en el empoderamiento de la gente que trabaja con ella, la forma en la que delega y la creacion de procesos empresariales. Sin duda, la inteligencia emocional es uno de sus Fuertes en su liderazgo

Stephy Hemelberg

Tamara simpre potencia el talento de sus colaboradores, tiene una comunicacion asertiva y predica con el ejemplo en su coherencia de su liderazgo

Catalina Velazquez

Conozco a Tamara Paez desde hace mas de dos años, su forma de motivar a la gente de su alreadedor es inspiradora. Soy cliente suya y si algo puedo decir de su servicio, es que me lo mando el cielo para poder alcanzar mis sueños

Dra. Sandra Arias